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Lisa Volpe on the KANSAS series

Stuart Allen

Lisa Volpe on the KANSAS series

“I never want to see another picture of ________.” Industry veterans share their pet peeves on themes in contemporary photography. In this series they present their “rule” along with five photographs that break the rule in an effort to show that great work is the exception to the rule.”

Rule Setter: Lisa Volpe, Curator, Wichita Art Museum
Rule Breaker: Stuart Allen

I never want to see another pixelated photograph again. At each portfolio review, there is at least one artist who presents images that are pixelated in some way. Either the whole image or portions of the image are obscured by this type of distortion. I’ve been told that these grim squares reference the “anonymity of contemporary life” or the “ontology of digital photography.” Until I encountered Stuart Allen’s work, I had written off pixelization…

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